Care Guide

High quality activewear is truly worth the investment and it is our goal to help you keep your timeless Iha pieces in tip-top shape. We’ve created a care guide to help you give the best care for your activewear.

  • Wash right away.

It’s best to wash your activewear right away, especially if you did a high-intensity workout. The longer you let them sit, the easier for the bacteria to linger and leave behind unpleasant odor on your activewear.

  •  Wash with similar items.

Wash the colors separately. Turn them insideout. Do not wash with jeans, towels, and the likes to prevent major friction within the washing machine. It’s important to note that all activewear fabrics will eventually degrade over time due to friction, heat, sweat, type and intensity of exercise, and how they are treated between wears.

  •  Use cold water.

To prevent any shrinkage and color fading, we recommend washing your Iha pieces in cold water. A hot cycle can wear down the fabric of your clothes and can also cause stains to stick.

  •  Be gentle.

We encourage you to hand wash your Iha pieces. If you're using a washing machine, set it to delicate cycle. Remove the pads first and place garments in a mesh bag to avoid mishaps. Do not use fabric softeners as they can ruin the fabric and elasticity of your activewear. Also avoid rough surfaces to prevent abrasions.

  •  Air dry.

Avoid putting your Iha pieces in the dryer. Heat can reduce elasticity and alter the performance of your clothes in the long run. We recommend hanging your activewear in an area away from direct sunlight to dry.