Our Story

Iha Athleisure was born in the Island of Negros, the home of Chicken Inasal and sugarcanes. Our brand name was derived from the Spanish word "hija" which translates to "daughter," having the goal in mind of being inclusive to women of all shapes and sizes.

By women, for women


We are a female founded brand that advocates body positivity and women empowerment. More than just an activewear brand, we want to encourage women from all walks of life to embrace their body with all its imperfections. One of our main goals is to normalise normal (folds, outward curves, stretch marks, cellulites, love handles) Hence, the hashtag #LoveYourCurves


You CAN sit with us! We're not an exclusive "Cool Girls" clique. Every woman deserves a seat on our table because we're all Ihas regardless of age, race, and size. The past few months we've intentionally limited our selling platform to Instagram because we love talking and getting to know you ourselves. We've been able to exchange a number of stories about your journey to #LovingYourCurves and it warms our hearts to know that you are with us in this journey.


We would never promote nor sell anything that we wouldn't be proud to wear. Our pieces are made with the goal of providing you activewear that is sustainable, comfortable, and fashionable. With fabrics that provide you the utmost comfort, we got you covered for whether is for your sunrise yoga session or your ZOOMba class. Best believe that our activewear can last a long time if you stay true to our care guide and give your Iha pieces the tenda luvin care (TLC) it deserves.